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About Palm & Paradise Labs

Palm and Paradise Labs is a family-owned and operated small hobby breeder serving the Tampa Bay area.

Our Mission

Jordan and I dedicate Palm and Paradise Labs to our daughters Penelope Palm and Paisley Paradise. We strive to raise our daughters to respect and love animals like I have done my entire life. My father was a K9 Officer and displayed what a dog’s relationship can do for a child. I have lived out my dream since, and my life’s work has been to better the relationship between humans and dogs. Dogs and our business have taken us to places I would have never imaged going, meeting the most amazing people/families, and experiencing a life I would have never known without a dog next to my side. It is only our mission that the dogs from our breeding program can share in your family’s memories as well.

We strive to maintain the Labrador Retriever’s breed standard and produce sound-tempered, charismatic, lovely pups raised in a home environment. As a professional dog trainer, I admire the trainability and unique dispositions of the Labrador Retriever. Our Labs are amazing athletes that demand an active home that can provide outlets such as a game of fetch, bike rides, swimming, and activities to maintain their physical and mental needs. Obedience training to our pups is second nature. They are balanced dogs who can switch from being active companions one moment to coming inside and cuddling up to watch movies the next!

TruPride Labs is Erica Owen’s creation and dedication towards the breed. I am beyond blessed to share in this journey with her. To open her love for bettering the breed through genetic testing/certifications, making families safe and happy with well-tempered dogs, and giving the best life to each of our breeding dogs is a passion we share. Erica has an eye for perfection, an unbelievable work ethic/family balance, and an ability to pair dogs that is a God-given talent. Along with my training background, we have discovered a fantastic work relationship and friendship. Erica Owen contributes to the pairing of all our breedings. Her expertise preserves the Labrador’s unique trademarks that produce structurally correct dogs, stunning heads, level toplines, water-resistant coats, and thick otter tails.

Together our breeding creates the most high-demand family addition that is not only pleasant to look at but cherishes the famously sociable Labrador Retriever nature and training biddability.

It is our pleasure to raise your future puppy alongside our family in hopes it blesses yours one day.

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