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My husband and I own The Doghouse, LLC and have been training dogs in the Tampa Bay area for almost 20 years.


Carrie Silva Wooddell

Carrie is a highly respected and renowned dog trainer with extensive experience and notable credentials including:
  • Contracted Obedience Training for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Special Response Team’s canines
  • Certified Hearing Service Dog Instructor
  • Owner of her own Animal Agency which has trained several dogs appearing in commercials and movies
  • High Obedience Title in 2009 with her dog Ajax in the American Working Dog Federation Trials
  • Creator and Owner of the highly acclaimed documentary Dogs to Diapers
  • Active competitor and trainer in such dog sports as: French Ring, Mondio Ring, and IGP (formally known as IPO/Schutzhund)…Earning Titles with her dog Ajax in French Ring2, Mondio Ring 2, Mondio Ring 3, and IPO3
  • Currently competing with Genghis (Ajax’s son), a 3 time Mondio Ring 3. In October 2016 Carrie and Genghis qualified for a spot on the world team and competed in Battice, Belgium representing the USA
  • On-Line Instructor at Leerburg
  • Successfully rehabilitated many aggressive dogs, returning them as great companions and family members


Jordan Wooddell

Jordan has been the Operations Manager at The Doghouse, LLC for the last 5 years.
  • Graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy with Honors
  • Lead Boarding Officer with the Drug Enforcement Agency Canine Units
  • Supervised Explosive Detection Canines in the USCG

Here Is Our Story

When pregnant with our first daughter, Penelope Palm, I experienced a severe bite while rehabilitating an aggressive dog that resulted in me doubting my trust in raising my daughter while owning a dog business. I actively started searching for family dogs that I could be at more ease around my daughter. Simultaneously I was training a clients Labrador Retriever for him to be a service dog. I had trained hundreds of Labs before, but this one was different. He was the complete package of gorgeous, intelligent, charismatic, and had a gentle nature towards elders/kids.  That was my first encounter with a “TruPride” Lab. After posting his videos, another TruPride Lab was sent for training and then another. These dogs all shared sound temperaments, biddability to be trained, and a zest for life. That is when I reached out to Erica Owen, a breeder, and owner of TruPride Labradors. I told Erica that I was interested in buying a female from her breedings to train. TruPride’s Tesa Two-Step joined my family, and right away, she and my daughter Penelope bonded.  I had found the family dog I was subconsciously searching for and developed a new passion for breeding Labs and raising our daughter in this life surrounding dogs. Fast forward to the present, we are now the happy family of another daughter Paisley Paradise, 3 Chocolates, 1 Black, and 1 Yellow Lab.

We offer unique training packages to our Lab families to continue to be a part of your family’s journey.

Your Puppy’s First Training Plan:

Register for our online course on helping raise your new Lab puppy. I am here to guide you step-by-step on introducing your pup to become a fantastic family member. These puppy demo videos will be an adventure your entire family can participate in and relate to. Traditional puppy training videos are impractical regarding life with a young family and a new puppy. My family has opened our lives to yours to show you that dog training is fun, chaotic, and, most of all, possible!

Next Level Training Plan:

Once your puppy is 6 months old, they can sign up for our Full Service Training Program at The Doghouse, LLC.  You can choose between the Foundation Full Service or the Distraction Full Service Training Programs.  Click here to see Labs from our breeding that have graduated from our training program.

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